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Pamela Yates in my own voice, "My artwork supports our efforts to be kind, respectful and compassionate in the circle of life. Art heals and strengthens on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My creative work spills out of my life experiences around the globe, on this continent and others and on the oceans,  from tender and diverse relationships and identity lineages. Home is currently the land of 10,000 lakes and where the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers come together in the midst of prairies, wetlands and woodlands. 

"Art is healer and bridge. One area of my creative vision, started in the Spring of 2015, are the sculptural Red Figures that I continue work on; these are a 'community' of thirteen sculptural red figures between three and seven feet tall. Exemplifying the power of women and women's teachings, one or some of the figures will travel and "speak" to community groups or experimental gatherings. Later, photos, video, interviews about the artwork and its messages.

"New internal challenges, along with excitement and wariness, pushing me to create very personal autobiographical imagery. Like many artists, my ideas tend to go all over the place: this is the joy, frustration, excitement, terror and gift of being an artist. Contemplating new artwork, I'm mindful and thankful that to our ancestors used charcoal 80,000 thousand years ago to preserve stories and images of deer, buffalo, bears and other visitors Our creative work is our human birthright. It is more important than science, because art and creativity are our humanness. Without art the human spirit is deadened, defaulted, depressed and alarmingly lost.

"As always in the midst of a thousand competing ideas, my creative curiosity continues exploring figurative, allegorical and abstract imagery using oil, acrylic and water media, unusual mixed media, charcoal, pens, pencils, pastels. Conceptually my work spills out from my cultural world view and personal iconography birthed from personal experiences around the world and my visual interpretations of the human journey."


International Society of Experimental Artists  
The Society of Layerists in Multi-media  
American Impressionist Society
American Women Artists
Minnesota Artists MnArtists.org
The Arts and Healing Network-Healing Artist & Art Career Consultant

I can't fully express my gratitude to my husband and our family, tiwahe, patrons, friends and supporters, the ancestors who raised me up and those who adopted me, and not least the kindness of strangers, you are and have always been the wind beneath my wings.

Pamela Yates, painter, b: Australia; United Kingdom 1967-1979; USA 1979-present..

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