That inner voice which speaks to us about using and nurturing our unique talents to add to the goodness in the world is a voice to follow whether we do that for a few minutes each day or for many hours each day. You matter. Everything about you matters. Who you are matters. You are always enough. What you cherish matters. Choosing to share and express your unique gifts and talents according to your own personal vision, matters and your own vision matters more than how others might perceive you or how you should use your gifts and talents.

My role as a coach is to support my client's intentions, and help her or him or them to identify, name and claim their meaningful dreams and goals, and help them to articulate and commit to inspired, exciting, realistic, reachable next steps that are needed to move forward toward those dreams and goals. I provide friendly accountability and gently, consistently hold the client's feet to the fire with regard to their personally meaningful dreams, goals, decisions and commitments. Some clients are fortunate to have supportive family or friends but sometimes that support is overshadowed by conflicting self-interest or the intent to protect rather than encourage exploration and new adventures. Or a desire to steer their loved one in a safe or certain direction, often with the best of intentions. Other clients feel they have little or no support from the environment around them. Added to the mix is that fact that goals change, life changes, what is meaningful during one stage of life can feel uninteresting, stagnant or even harmful when we move to a new stage in life. A good coach will be in your corner. The focus will be on you and goals are meaningful to you as the focus of working together, looking forward with enthusiasm for the "wins" and with compassion for the "losses". 


My name is Pamela Yates, I'm a working artist who has maintained a coaching practice since 2004. I work individually with clients locally and around the world. I work with clients via email, phone and via Skype video and phone, or a combination of these. My style of coaching spills out from my holistic cultural worldview that is compassionate, gentle and respectful. 

If you'd like to chat with me to help you decide if coaching work together is something you'd like to do please drop me an email telling me a little bit about yourself and what you would like to accomplish in our coaching work together. I offer a free half-hour coaching session if that's of interest. I'll respond to your email with some suggestions about how we might work together in our coaching sessions (email, phone, Skype, etc.) and offer times available for a free half-hour coaching session. Drop me an email, I look forward to hearing from you! 

Group workshops are also available, please contact me to learn more.