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My name is Pamela Yates, I'm a working artist and I have maintained a coaching practice since 2004. I work individually with clients, our sessions are private and confidential. Clients are located locally and around the world and we can work together via email, phone and video calling (via Skype) or a combination of these. Small group workshops are also available. My style of coaching spills out from a holistic cultural worldview that is compassionate, gentle and respectful. That's not to say the work that clients engage in is easy, and as a coach it is my job to firmly and respectfully hold their feet to the fire to help them reach goals that are personally meaningful to them. The work can feel peaceful and exhilarating, healing and challenging, funny and frightening, joyful and heartbreaking and often, all of these. Of course, it is! because we are complex human beings! Breaking new ground to start fresh, to re-fresh, re-generate, nurture and grow a creative view of life and whatever work we choose to engage in, can sometimes be exciting and rewarding and difficult and challenging, too. But we each choose: rather a life lived than not to reach for a life well-lived. The greatest human work is to live a personally meaningful, compassionate and authentic life and that is worth the investment of your time, energy and passion, isn't it?