Circle Pathways Creativity Coaching

Greetings and welcome, 

My name is Pamela Yates, I'm a working artist who also maintains a creativity coaching practice. I've been working with creative clients in my practice since 2004. Working with individuals and small groups, locally and around the world, we work together via email and phone. If you find yourself reading this page and would like friendly, practical support for your creative visions, work and dreams, please drop me an email. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

What up with that?

In my work with clients my goal is to provide a safe, friendly venue for powerful support as you clarify creative dreams, goals, projects and next steps in the area of your creative work. My clients have included professional full-time creatives, beginners and late-starters. My style of coaching spills out from my holistic cultural worldview that is compassionate, gentle and respectful. That's not to say the work is easy, my job is often to hold feet to the fire and help clients meet goals that are important to them; it may feel peaceful or exhilarating, joyful or breathtaking. We know that starting, refreshing and growing our creative life and work, can sometimes be difficult and challenging. My clients have confronted doubts and fears about their creative visions, dreams and goals. But it is work worth doing! Your creative work is worth the investment of your time, energy and passion!  The emotional environment of my coaching practice is guided by the wisdom, practical tools and teachings of the ancient restorative Circle Process. These principles and teachings provide powerful tools to bring adventure, support, awareness and soothing to your relationship with your creative self. My coaching style and its gentle quality is also informed by my life experiences and principles gained from walking a spiritual lifeway and twenty-nine years in the world of twelve-step recovery programs.

We do that how?

The format for our work together is simple, it looks like this: We begin with email and then include 30-minutes monthly phone chats  (either by phone, Skype or Google Hangouts) with follow-up emails between our phone chats. The cost is $75.00 per month with an initial two-month commitment by new clients. If you'd like to get started drop me an email at, tell me a little bit about yourself and I'll reply with some questions to get us started on our work together. I look forward to hearing from you! You can pay here for the first two months (and by the month thereafter) through this secure link below.   

Individual Creativity Coaching

Fun with Groups

In addition to working with individuals I have facilitated gatherings as well as craft and art workshops in the community for small groups of 6-10 and as large as 30 individuals, including youth and adults with or without children providing art and craft projects, stories, Talking Circles and presentations. Participants can explore art-making with paint, collage or beading; make earrings or a necklace; bead a feather quill; make a dream catcher; draw, paint, sing; be lead through a simple, relaxing meditation or visualization; play games and have a happy time. Groups and locations vary including for example college, school, faith groups and shelter.

Caring disclaimer

The creativity coaching I provide is not counseling or therapy and is therefore not intended to provide therapeutic psychological advice or counseling and those services are not the purpose of my creativity coaching practice. If a client feels the help of a therapist or counselor would be helpful, I don't discourage that at all and, it's possible to do our creativity coaching work together while a client is also consulting with a psychological therapist.